Route Descriptions

5K run/walk:

(5K Map)

The Friendship Run 5K has been around for over a decade now. We are lucky to have a beautiful trail winding behind our school to run on. We start in the upper lot at McLane Elementary. The trail picks up at the western end of the parking lot and winds around both schools back to Mud Bay Road / Harrison Ave. We cross Mud Bay / Harrison on an overpass and continue north on the trail. The 5K route heads north, until we are even with 11th, then cuts west to Delphi Road NW. We head back south on Delphi and rejoin the trail at 2nd. Crossing the overpass, once again, we follow Mud Bay road to the traffic light at Delphi Road, turn left onto Delphi, then left again into the McLane Elementary Parking lot to finish where we began.

10K run:

(10K map)

The Friendly 10K was a new addition in 2013 for our 10th anniversary. It was received so well that we decided to keep it around! Our 10K route follows the 5K course then continues north farther — all the way to The Evergreen State College! We run through Red Square (the center of the Evergreen campus). As we leave TESC the 10K runners cross Evergreen Parkway near the large traffic circle and follow the trail on the east side of the Parkway south. The trail ends at 2nd and we follow that for a block before turning right onto Overhulse. One more block then right onto Harrison / Mud Bay. We’ll go under the overpass, hang a hard right, then climb up over the overpass. From there the 10K route is identical to the 5K.